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Tel: 310-349-1111
Fax: 888-476-7010
515 S. Figueroa St., Suite 1200,  Los Angeles, California  90071

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What is Loss of Use After a Car Accident?
This is an often overlooked loss suffered by millions of drivers after a car accident.  The insurance company won’t mention this loss because it will cost them dearly! Did you know that you are entitled to the use of an EXACT rental replacement vehicle while yours was in the shop?  Loss of use is the damage a person suffers from the inconvenience of not having their car after it has been in an accident.  For example, Driver A is at fault and hits Driver B's car. Driver B's car has to go to an auto shop for 30 days to be fixed. During those 30 days, Driver B is without the car, and has suffered a loss of use of that car.  

When Can I Collect for Loss of Use?
Each state recognizes the loss of use damage in a slightly different way. Generally speaking, you can collect for the loss of use if:
• Your vehicle was damaged in an incident
• You were not at fault; and
• You were deprived of use of your vehicle for some time period.

How Much Can I Recover?
Generally speaking, the amount you can recover for loss of value is the reasonable value of a substitute vehicle for the time that you are without your normal car. In some situations, it may be possible to recover the reasonable value of a substitute vehicle even if one is not rented.  Returning to the example from above, if Driver B has to rent a car for $500 during the 30 days his/her car is in the shop, Driver A or their insurance company is liable for the $15,000 for loss of use of A’s vehicle for those 30 days.  The rental rate for some exotic and/or luxury cars are often around $2,000 a day and therefore the amount of the resulting loss of use can be substantial.

Loss of Use Law
What is Loss of Use?